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Welcome To Gr8events – Sports Events Management

Gr8events was established to bring a variety of sporting events, to individuals of all levels. We strive to provide events that deliver an exceptional experience for all participants.

All of our staff come from a sporting background, which means they understand the passion of sport from competing at a high level to completing a personal goal or challenge. This passion ensures that our events are run with the participant in mind, as well as the spectators who support their family and friends.

We have invested a huge amount of time, effort and expertise to provide the best possible service we can. This service is not only for the individual competing, but also to ensure other event managers and clubs are able to utilise our entry and membership system on the Gr8events website.
Find out what sports event management is…

"Our aim is to bring high quality, well organised events to everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned athletes."